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The Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies seeks to expand its activities and extend its reach through a series of significant public policy projects which are critical to the Israeli security agenda.

These projects, along with scholarship programs and facilities available for dedication, provide philanthropists with a wide range of partnership opportunities.

In considering a gift to the BESA Center, donors can be assured of the following:

  • That they are contributing to an institution with a proven record of harnessing limited financial resources for maximum impact.
  • That they are contributing to a team of top-flight experts who work hard and well together.
  • That they are contributing to an institution well-respected in the Israeli and international arenas.
  • That they are contributing to an institution that has demonstrated strategic prescience in identifying the key issues on the national agenda.
  • That they are contributing to an institution that has demonstrated boldness in challenging commonly accepted wisdom, and pioneered out-of-the-box thinking for new paradigms in Israeli diplomacy.
  • That their donation entitles them to a tax deductible receipt through the Friends of Bar-Ilan University around the world.
  • That their donation will be recognized appropriately and permanently.
  • That they will become an integral part of the BESA Center inner family, and receive priority access to center briefings and associates.


Philanthropic Giving Opportunities



Graduate Internship

Designed to sensitize foreign graduate students to Israeli foreign affairs concerns and defense policy positions.



Ph.D. Fellowship

For Israeli doctoral students, studying Israeli foreign and defense policy. Designed to educate a next generation of defense analysts.



Post-Doctoral Fellowship

For promising foreign and Israeli young scholars in the defense field destined to become the academic elites of tomorrow.



Research Projects

Promoting Alternatives to the Two-State Solution

Alternatives to the impending failure of the two-state paradigm must be placed on the international agenda.



Challenging the Common Wisdom on the Need to Divide Jerusalem

This project promises to make a significant impact on the public debate regarding the future of Jerusalem, and help ensure Israel's long-term security and heritage in the holy, strategically-important city.



Conducting Zionist Public Diplomacy

A new effort to produce time-sensitive pro-Israel advocacy materials and provide real-time briefings on current affairs.



US-Israel Relations

Wide-ranging study of policy options for US and Israel in the face of recent tensions between them.




Perspective Papers

Perspectives Papers on current affairs are issued twice a month and circulated by email to more than 20,000 top strategists and defense officials around the world.



BESA Bulletin

The Center's bi-annual main publication. Read in every Foreign Affairs and Defense ministry in the world, as well as all major university and private think-tanks.



Annual International Lecture

A high-profile lecture delivered by a prominent academic or public figure from abroad. Attracts the academic, strategic and diplomatic community in Israel.



Annual International Conference

Previous international conferences have been held on Radical Islam, US Allies, Israel's Military Industries, Democracies and Guerilla Wars, Democracies Right to Self-Defense, US-Israel Relations, and more. Results in a book published by a major international academic publisher.



American Scholar-in-Residence

Hosts a top US academic scholar for an extended period of stay.

An outstanding opportunity for interaction and intellectual cross-pollination.



Military Fellow-in-Residence

Hosts a top Israeli military officer for a period of study and writing.




Seminar Room

Where Center associates meet and brief government officials, visiting foreign delegations and military officials, every week.




Where Center leadership, associates and staff debate programs and plans.



Research Associate Cubby

Modest office space for one or two research associates.



To make a donation, contact Prof. Efraim Inbar, or one of the Bar-Ilan University Friends offices around the world.