Bashar Assad

Sarkozy in Syria: Discrepancies in French Mideast Policy

| September 10, 2008

Turbo-charged Sarkozian diplomacy has led France to seek to upgrade its status in the international arena and enhance its influence and presence in the Middle East. Deep skepticism is in order, especially with regard to the utility of Sarkozy’s courtship of Syria.

Time to Tame Syria

| July 24, 2006

The current Israeli operation in Lebanon focuses on removing the threat posed to Israel by Hizballah missiles and on destroying Hizballah’’s military infrastructure. Israel’s use of force is fully justified and proportionate, considering the magnitude of the threat. However, Israel should be targeting Damascus, as subduing Syria is the key to rolling back Hizballah and weakening Iran and its radical Islamist influence in the Middle East.