Israeli National Security

Security Is Not Enough

The State of Israel is at a fateful crossroads. The unending necessity to safeguard the state’s secure existence ensures that its leaders will face complex and painful decisions. But there are other, no less critical considerations that must be factored into the decision-making equation, notably powerful national, historical, cultural, and religious sentiments and aspirations.

UNSCR 2334: A Disservice to the Cause of Peace

| December 26, 2016

In four respects, UNSCR 2334 undermines the prospects of Israeli-Palestinian peace and threatens what little regional stability is left.

Separation is not the Answer

| September 29, 2016

Contrary to the accepted wisdom regarding the effectiveness of barriers, there is no substitute for troops on the ground and for civilian settlements that anchor a dominant presence. Israel needs a flexible, dynamic form of security in full friction with the resident populations.

A New Geopolitical Bloc is Born in the Eastern Mediterranean: Israel, Greece and Cyprus

| February 16, 2016

From an Israeli perspective, the recent strengthening of alliance ties with Greece and Cyprus constitutes a win-win situation. A new geopolitical bloc is emerging that has military and political significance, and stands as a counterweight to Turkish ambitions. Stronger Israeli relations with Greece and Cyprus may also serve to encourage Turkey to show more flexibility in negotiations regarding normalization of ties between Ankara and Jerusalem.

America’s Standing in the World: Image and Reality

| November 20, 2014

International Conference at the BESA Center – December 8/9, 2014. Watch a full video of the conference here

The Jordan Valley: Israel’s Security Belt

| January 6, 2014

Israel must resist pressure and retain the Jordan Valley, its only available defensible border to the east, in a future peace deal. Israel must also build in Area E-1, which would link the valley to an undivided Jerusalem.

Saudi-Israeli Relations: Balancing Legitimacy and Security

| December 17, 2013

There is speculation on collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Israel against Iran. However, given its history and concern for the legitimacy of its rule, the Saudis are more likely to draw closer to Iran.

A Strike on Iran: Complex, But Possible

| November 21, 2013

An Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear infrastructure is a risky and militarily-complicated endeavor, but within reach. Israeli ingenuity and determination could lead to a great operational and political success.

Israel vs. the Iran-Hizballah Axis

| November 14, 2013

The IDF and the Iran-Hizballah axis are in the midst of a long-term military build-up, preparing for the possibility of a full-scale eruption of the ongoing covert struggle between them.

Armed and Dangerous: Why a Rational, Nuclear Iran Is an Unacceptable Risk to Israel

| November 1, 2013

The Iranian regime can be considered rational, but it cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. History has proven that radical regimes can seek the destruction of others if faced with an immense threat. Israel cannot rely on deterrence and must be prepared to confront Iran militarily or invest in ballistic missile defense.