Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

The US and Iran: Pre-Negotiation Maneuvering

| February 19, 2013

The United States and Iran are trading diplomatic fire, with neither side willing to budge. Iran will continue its drive to the bomb, leaving Obama with no other choice but to take military action.

Morsi’s Egypt and Ahmadinejad’s Iran: Much Ado Over Next to Nothing

| February 10, 2013

Morsi’s hosting Ahmadinejad signals a potential improvement in ties between Egypt and Iran. This move will backfire, as ultimately Morsi needs the US and Gulf countries more than they need him.

Confronting the New Nasser in Iran

| June 19, 2006

The President of Iran presents more than a nuclear threat to the world; his defiance of the international community is galvanizing Muslims throughout the world behind a radical vision of puritanical Islam that rejects the liberal democratic model. In responding to this new Nasser, the international community might recall the original’s ability to turn military defeat into political victory.

Iran and the West: Who Needs Whom? A Look at the Consequences of Ahmadinejad’’s Economic and Foreign Policies

| March 7, 2006

Ahmadinejad has repeatedly asserted that the West needs Iran more than Iran needs the West. While Iran has the economic influence to inflict significant damage on the world economy, Ahmadinejad’’s flippant remarks have little basis in reality and his policies are likely to incur significant damage to his country.

The Imperative to Use Force Against Iranian Nuclearization

| December 15, 2005

A nuclear Iran constitutes a serious threat, not only to the Middle East, but also to the entire world. Diplomatic efforts have failed to halt Iran’’s nuclear program. As the Iranian acquisition of a military nuclear ability nears, the threat of using force, and even the actual use of force, seems to be the only viable preventive measure.