protective edge

A Middle Way for the Gaza Fight

| August 11, 2014

There is a middle way between more of the same and retaking Gaza. The proposed middle way would be an IDF attack with limited, achievable military objectives.

What Is to Be Done About Gaza?

| August 10, 2014

Operation Protective Edge has not weakened or threatened Hamas enough to encourage them to accept a ceasefire. Israel has no choice but to continue to attack Hamas.

Where are You Going, President Obama?

| August 6, 2014

The Obama administration seems not to understand the current power configuration in the Middle-East and the dangers of the growing Islamist movement.

The Kerry-Qatar Ceasefire Document: What it Says About American Strategy in the Middle East

| August 3, 2014

Last week’s failed ceasefire proposal by John Kerry highlights the clash between the Obama administration’s approach to the Middle East, and the strategy preferred by Israel and other American allies in the region.

No Economic Aid to Hamas-Ruled Gaza

| July 29, 2014

The developing international consensus to offer Gaza economic aid in exchange for a ceasefire is a moral and strategic mistake.

Hamas Underground Warfare

| July 27, 2014

The IDF must develop the technology and the tactical skills to locate, map and destroy Gaza’s tunnels.

The War With Hamas: Decision Time Approaching

Israel must decide whether it is willing to tolerate a chronic Hamas threat or risk a long, difficult operation to get rid of it.

Strategic Implications of Operation Protective Edge

| July 22, 2014

The current Israel-Hamas war will have broad strategic implications that go far beyond the immediate results on the battlefield.

Palestinian Suffering Used to Demonize Israel

| July 22, 2014

As long as Palestinians continue to serve as lightning rod against Jews, Israel will never be allowed to defend itself.