US Foreign and Defense Policy

Khamenei’s Slant on WWII: Iran Must Not Go the Way of Germany and Japan

| September 28, 2016

Iran is in open conflict with the West and with Saudi Arabia too. Ayatollah Khamenei has adopted a totalitarian interpretation of Islam.This raises questions about the facile assumptions of change

Implications of US Disengagement from the Middle East

| July 26, 2016

The adverse implications of US withdrawal from the Middle East are manifold, including: the acceleration of Tehran’s drive to regional hegemony, the palpable risk of regional nuclear proliferation following the JCPOA, the spread of jihadist Islam, and Russia’s growing penetration of the region. Manifest US weakness is also bound to have ripple effects far beyond the Middle East.

Six Strikes against the Nuclear Deal with Iran

| July 15, 2015

There are (at least) six significant and immediate bad results from the agreement reached yesterday between the Western powers and Iran.

Saudi Succession: The Sudayris Return

| January 26, 2015

The passing of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and the smooth accession of King Salman marks the return of the Sudaryi family to leadership and the eventual rise of the grandchildren of founder King Abd al-Aziz

Turkey – America’s Unacknowledged Problem

| January 4, 2015

Turkey is formally a NATO ally. But Erdogan-led Turkey has not behaved as an ally or a friend of the US for years. It is a mystery why the Obama Administration refuses to acknowledge this.

Russia’s New National Identity under Putin’s Regime

and | December 29, 2014

Putin is recreating a Russian national identity for a disoriented and traumatized Russian people.

America’s Standing in the World: Image and Reality

| December 8, 2014

America’s Standing in the World Image and Reality    International Conference at the BESA Center Monday, December 8, 2 pm – 8 pm Tuesday, December 9, 9:30 am – 6:30 pm Nano Auditorium (Building 206), Bar- Ilan University In English with simultaneous Hebrew translation Click on the title of each panel to watch full videos of

Between a Hollow Success and a Legacy of Failure

| December 1, 2014

As the West’s nuclear negotiations with Iran heads toward additional extensions, it is likely that future negotiations will focus on the concessions Iran seeks to secure.

America’s Standing in the World: Image and Reality

| November 20, 2014

International Conference at the BESA Center – December 8/9, 2014. Watch a full video of the conference here

Turmoil in the Eastern Mediterranean: A View from America’s Allies

| November 17, 2014

Watch Prof. Efraim Inbar deliver a speech on the shifting power dynamics in the Eastern Mediterranean at the Hudson Institute, Washington DC