Dr. Emmanuel Navon

Dr. Emmanuel Navon

Dr. Emmanuel Navon is the director of the Department of Political Science and Communications at the Jerusalem Orthodox College, and a lecturer of international relations at Tel Aviv University and at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center. He was previously CEO of the Navon-Levy Group, a consulting firm that promoted Israeli development projects in Africa.

Mali: A Diplomatic Opportunity for Israel

| February 11, 2013

France’s military intervention against Mali’s Islamists has provided Israel with an opportunity to improve its relations with France and restore its ties with Africa’s non-Arab Muslim countries.


Ending Oil’s Monopoly: The Role of Israel

| November 7, 2010

The West needs to end oil’s monopolistic status by promoting the use of biofuels and electricity for transportation, something in which Israel can assist thanks to its technological lead in electric cars and second-generation biofuels.