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Perspectives Papers provide analysis from BESA Center research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

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The Anti-Israel Religion

No. 1089
| February 12, 2019

Anti-Israelism is the modern face of anti-Semitism and just as toxic. Anti-Israelism is a modern-day religion in that it demands unquestioning adherence to a dogmatic doctrine and rejects non-believers as morally inferior.

The Broad Array of Belgian Anti-Semitism

No. 1088
| February 11, 2019

Two issues are drawing attention to the broad range of Belgian anti-Semitism, a problem that usually remains under the international radar. One is the trial of Mehdi Nemmouche, the alleged murderer of four people at the Brussels Jewish Museum in 2014. The other is the prohibition against unstunned ritual slaughter in the Flanders and Wallony regions. These cases are just the tip of the iceberg of Belgian anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism. There are also extreme cases of Muslim, political, academic, and trade union anti-Semitism. One can even find anti-Semitism in school textbooks.

Politics Drives European Aid

No. 1087
| February 10, 2019

The EU purports to deliver aid to needy communities on the basis of neutral, impartial, and independent judgments. The grossly disproportionate aid given to the Palestinians, at the direct expense of much more beleaguered populations in Yemen and sub-Saharan Africa, exposes this claim as a self-righteous lie.

The Gaza Strip as an “International Quarantine Zone”

No. 1086
| February 8, 2019

The only solution to Gaza’s longstanding plight is for it to be designated an “International Quarantine Zone,” with Israel severing all ties to the Strip and the Egyptian border crossing in Rafah becoming the sole point of entry. Responsibility for Gaza will thus be transferred to the UN and the Arab League. They, via Egypt’s good offices and Arab oil funding, can then strive to ensure the economic wellbeing of the people of Gaza and pave the road for the return of the PA and the end of Hamas rule in the Strip.

How Should the US Handle Saudi Nuclear Power Aspirations?

No. 1084
| February 7, 2019

The US is on the horns of a dilemma regarding Saudi Arabia’s interest in nuclear power. Washington would like to cajole Riyadh into a deal that would strengthen non-proliferation, but the kingdom is well aware of the competitors vying for its business and is not necessarily receptive to such arguments. This is a concern for the US, which does not want a Russian or Chinese nuclear energy market to flourish in Saudi Arabia.

China’s Threat to Human Rights

No. 1083
| February 6, 2019

China is leading a charge to undermine accepted concepts of human rights accountability and justice around the world. This effort, backed by autocrats, has turned human rights into an underrated yet crucial battleground in the shaping of a new world order. 

BDS Prosecution Efforts at UCLA and UCI

No. 1082
| February 5, 2019

The University of California system has gone out of its way to protect BDS activists by shielding them from prosecution. However, recent efforts by StandWithUs and the Brandeis Center to prosecute event disruptors seem to have had a deterrent effect on BDS activity on California campuses – at least for the time being.

The Menace of Waves of Infectious Diseases

No. 1081
| February 4, 2019

Waves of infectious diseases struck Israel and other countries in 2018, causing considerable concern. Broadly speaking, infectious diseases have the potential to regain much of their power as a factor limiting the size and expansion of human populations.

Israel’s Red Lines in Lebanon and Syria

No. 1080
| February 3, 2019

The “War Between Wars” is an ongoing Israeli military and intelligence effort to disrupt the force build-up of the Iranian-Shiite axis throughout the Middle East. This campaign, which has evolved into an entire force activation doctrine, has seen the Israeli defense establishment employ an approach that differentiates between Syria and Lebanon. 

The Israeli Left’s Unabashed Militarism

No. 1079
| February 1, 2019

The Israeli Left’s obsession with toppling PM Benjamin Netanyahu has driven it to embrace a military “dream team” bent on overthrowing a civilian ruling party. This echoes the all-too-common phenomenon of Third World military juntas seizing power to “save the nation” from “corrupt politicians.” Generals brought to power as “national saviors” in times of deep crisis have often been the harbingers of populism, authoritarianism, and fascism.