Policy Memorandum

The Policy Memorandum series consists of policy-oriented papers.

Space Wars

| May 17, 2016

This study looks at the wars of the future in space. In particular, it explores the development of Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASATI), and the threats that they already pose, with particular focus on the US, Russia and China – all of whom are seeking such weapons and the defenses against them. (Hebrew).

Israel-Greece Relations

| September 14, 2015

This study focuses on the strengthening of Israeli-Greek relations, especially since 2010. The enhanced ties between the two countries allows for the emergence of a new pro-Western geopolitical bloc in the eastern Mediterranean. (Hebrew)

Perfect Storm: The Implications of Middle East Chaos

The storms now convulsing the Middle East are civilizational shifts of historical proportions. Anyone from the outside trying to influence these regional upheavals in a positive direction will find the task very difficult. Israel must focus narrowly on the greatest threat looming in its vicinity — the Iranian drive for nuclear weaponry.

An Integrated Imperative: Attack Iran and Launch a Regional Peace Initiative

| May 1, 2012

Israel must destroy Iranian nuclear facilities and simultaneously launch a comprehensive Middle East peace initiative, relying in part on the Arab-Islamic Peace Initiative of ten years ago. A violent Iranian reaction is to be expected, but its maximum costs to Israel, the US, and all of the Middle East are much smaller than those stemming from Iranian possession of nuclear weapons.

Regional Alternatives to the Two-State Solution

| January 1, 2010

Within the currently-defined, narrow confines of the conventional two-state parameters, no Israeli-Palestinian agreement is likely. Regional alternatives that widen the scope of actors taking responsibility for a settlement can creatively help break the impasse.