Dr. Eado Hecht

Dr. Eado Hecht

Dr. Eado Hecht

(Ph.D. Hebrew University) Defense analyst specializing in military theory and military history. Lectures at Bar-Ilan University, Haifa University and at the IDF Command and General Staff College. Serves on the Editorial Advisory Panel of The Journal of Military Operations. Email: [email protected]

Medium-Intensity Threats: The Case for Beefed-Up IDF Ground Forces

and | October 26, 2016

Some pundits contend that in the absence of a direct threat from state armies, and in a situation where terror, guerrilla and rocket threats predominate, Israel no longer needs heavy maneuvering formations. This study argues the contrary.


Hamas Underground Warfare

| July 27, 2014

The IDF must develop the technology and the tactical skills to locate, map and destroy Gaza’s tunnels.


Neglect of IDF Ground Forces: A Risk to Israel’s Security

and | December 4, 2013

Dramatic cuts to the IDF budget have forced the army to reduce its ground forces capabilities. This is a mistake, as the IDF still must rely on its ground forces to deal with its threats, specifically Hamas and Hizballah.


Underwater Internet Cable Cutting: A Neglected Aspect of Cyber Warfare

| April 18, 2013

A low-tech attack on Internet hardware infrastructure can be a crippling act of cyber warfare. Israel is vulnerable to an attack of this nature and must plan accordingly.