Dr. Max Singer

Dr. Max Singer

Dr. Max Singer

(JD Harvard University) Co-founder of the Washington-based Hudson Institute. Expert on U.S. defense policy, U.S.-Israel relations, and long-term strategic planning. Email: [email protected]

The Opportunity in Gaza

and | March 15, 2012

Israel has to respond to the attacks from Gaza with a large-scale military operation. If no such action is taken, the attacks against Israel will surely increase.


Egypt’s Classic Strategic Triangle

| March 16, 2011

Three forces are competing for control of Egypt: the army, the Muslim Brotherhood, and various civilian opposition groups. The military and civilian opposition must understand that the Brotherhood is their common and most dangerous enemy.


The Tide Could Turn Against Radical Islam

| October 10, 2010

The driving forces behind the growth of Islamic radicalism – the Islamic revolution in Iran and the immense Saudi funding for spreading Wahhabism – may not endure. By the end of this decade, the current strength of Islamism could be shattered.


Handling the “Tectonic Shift” in US Foreign Policy Under Obama: A Strategy for Israel

| July 12, 2010

No president has the power to create a “tectonic shift” in US policy by himself. Israel must balance its acceptance of Obama’s policies with the reinforcement of parts of the American policy-making system that have not been converted to the President’s view.


Prospects for Peace With the Palestinians

| April 12, 2010

The international movement to delegitimize Israel provides Palestinians the hope of eventually destroying Israel, and the Palestinian leadership’s denial of the existence of a Jewish People with an ancient connection to the land of Israel contradicts the basis of an honorable peace with Israel.


Understanding the Settlement Moratorium

| December 29, 2009

Postponing and possibly avoiding a fight with the Obama administration was the main reason for Israel’s settlement freeze. Ten months from now the Israeli prime minister may be in a better position to resist US pressure.


Mideast “Experts” Got Iraq Wrong

| August 4, 2009

Almost all the doom and gloom scenarios for Iraq predicted by the so-called Mideast experts have failed to materialize, and Iraqis already
have accomplished what was thought impossible: a consensual federal constitution and government.


Why Time Is on Israel’s Side: A Long-Term Perspective on Israel’s Security Challenges

| February 3, 2009

Despite the current Palestinian, Arab and Iranian threats, Israel’s generational prospects for peace and security as a Jewish and democratic country are quite good; assuming that America will act to roll-back the Islamic jihadist threat to Israel and the West over the next decade.


Why Israel Must Have Victory in Gaza

| January 4, 2009

Israel cannot achieve total military victory against Hamas, but there are many kinds of victories it can achieve before the Palestinians change enough to make peace possible.


A Hopeful Iraq: Two Dangers Averted

| May 21, 2008

Opponents of the war in Iraq falsely predicted that that the removal of Saddam Hussein would have two consequences: a radical religious Shiite regime, and increased Iranian influence over the country. While the struggle is not yet over and these dangers exist, the likelihood of Iraq becoming radically religious or Iranian-dominated seems considerably lower than it did in 2003.