Col. (res.) Dr. Shaul Shay

Col. (res.) Dr. Shaul Shay

Col. (res.) Dr. Shaul Shay

(Ph.D. Tel Aviv University) Former deputy head of the Israel National Security Council, and former head of the IDF military history department. Expert on Hizballah, Hamas, intelligence and terrorism.

The Threat of the “Salafi Crescent”

| January 21, 2014

Attempts by al-Qaeda and other radical Sunni Islamist groups to challenge the Shia Crescent (Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon) must be viewed as a serious security threat.


Egypt and the Threat of Islamic Terror

| January 1, 2014

Egypt’s new rulers are faced with a terror problem emanating from the Sinai, led by radical jihad groups. The US and international community must support the Egyptian regime to prevent Egypt from turning into the next Syria.


Yemen Under Attack

| December 12, 2013

Yemen is on the verge of becoming a failed state, as the interim government struggles to fight terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda, that have made Yemen a base of operations.


Will Egypt Go Nuclear?

| September 13, 2012

President Morsi says that Egypt wishes to create a civilian nuclear
energy program. Leaders of Morsi’s party, the Muslim Brotherhood, have called for Egypt to pursue a nuclear weapons program.


Iran’s New Strategic Horizons at Sea

Iran’s aggressive new naval strategy is clearly meant to intimidate the West from continuing its pressure on Tehran regarding the nuclear issue, to show that Iran is able to foment trouble in the region.


The Threat of Al-Qaeda and Its Allies in Lebanon

| September 19, 2007

Clashes between the Lebanese army and the al Qaeda-affiliated Fatah al Islam organization in north Lebanon, and similar attacks against UNIFIL forces in south Lebanon, reflect the challenges of radical jihadi Sunni Islam on the stability of the country and the region. The Lebanese government’s ability to face these challenges appears limited, with the degree of its success largely dependent on international support and the consent of local power brokers such as Hizballah and the Palestinians.