Media Appearances by BESA Center Research Associates – 2017

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‘Israel May Need to Take Out Iranian Bases in Syria’

  • Yaakov Amidror interviewed in The Jerusalem Post, 17.7.2017

Israel’s Asia Strategy: Expanding Economic Engagement – Insights from Alon Levkowitz

  • Alon Levkowitz interviewed in The Diplomat, 12.7.2017

Where Israel and Europe Go From Here

  • Toby Greene and Jonathan Rynhold, Foreign Affairs, 12.7.2017

Israel grapples with Iran’s growing military presence in Syria

  • Eitan Shamir quoted in article on, 10.7.2017

Is UNESCO’s denial of Israel’s ties to Jewish heritage sites irrelevant?

  • Hillel Frisch quoted in article on, 9.7.2017

Stop building in settlements outside blocs, ex-Netanyahu security aide says

  • Yaakov Amidror quoted in The Times of Israel, 27.6.17

Unpacking the message of Iran’s missile strike against Islamic State

  • Eado Hecht quoted in, 23.6.17

Saudi Prince Promoted as Heir to Throne Is Hardliner on Iran

  • Joshua Teitelbaum quoted in The Jerusalem Post, 22.6.17

Kushner Paves Way for Accelerated U.S. Push on Mideast Peace

  • Joshua Teitelbaum quoted in Bloomberg Politics, 20.6.17

Seeking Saudi Friends, Israeli Must Still Bridge Gulf with the Palestinians

  • Joshua Teitelbaum quoted in The Times of Israel, 20.6.17

Israeli Sources: Breakthrough in Ties with Saudi Arabia Unlikely

  • Joshua Teitelbaum quoted in The Jerusalem Post, 19.6.17

Saudis Seek Hegemony in Showdown with Qatar

  • Joshua Teitelbaum quoted in The Jerusalem Post, 18.6.17

Against the Proposed Academic Ethics Code (Hebrew)

  • Udi Lebel in Mida, 18.6.17

The Background to the First Ever Visit to Israel by an Indian Prime Minister

  • Efraim Inbar in Asia Pacific Bulletin, 7.7.2017

Moves Against Qatar Hobble Muslim Brotherhood in Battle for Mideast Dominance

  • Eran Lerman quoted in The Jerusalem Post, 7.6.2017

Settlements Are an Asset, not a Strategic Liability

  • Gershon Hacohen interviewed on IDF Radio, 6.6.2017

Leading Strategic Analyst: Eagerness to Resolve Conflict with Palestinians Will Not Make Israel Safe

  • Max Singer’s Perspective on “The Overdramatization of Israel’s ‘Dilemma'” discussed in The Algemeiner, 30.5.2017

On ISIS Chemical Weapons

  • Dany Shoham interviewed on Radio Sputnik, 28.5.17

Trump’s Saudi Arabia-Israel Flight Set to Break Symbolic Barrier

  • Joshua Teitelbaum quoted in Bloomberg, 22.5.17

US mega-deal to Saudi Arabia spurs concern in Israel

  • Eytan Gilboa and Yaakov Amidror quoted in Defense News, 21.5.17

On Trump in Saudi Arabia

  • Joshua Teitelbaum interviewed on Galei Tzahal (Galatz), 21.5.17, begins at 41-minute mark (Hebrew)

A New Goal for President Trump’s First Foreign Trip: Damage Control

  • Eran Lerman quoted in article on President Trump’s visit to the region, The New York Times, 16.5.17

New Book Depicts Rise of Anti-Semitism in Turkey

  • Review of Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism in Turkey (Routledge, 2017) by Efrat Aviv in The Jewish Voice

On Trump’s Saudi Arms Deal

  • Joshua Teitelbaum interviewed in The Media Line, 14.5.2017

On the French Election

  • Tsilla Hershco interviewed on Boker Tov, Galei Tzahal (Galatz), 9.5.2017 (48.32-50.43 and 54.23-57.01)

On the Jewish Brigade

  • Podcast interview with Tsilla Hershco, L’Invite du Journal, JFM (La Radio du Judaisme Francais) , 2.5.2017

With Eyes on Washington, Cairo and Riyadh Warm Up Ties, Look to Cooperate

  • Joshua Teitelbaum: Cairo and Riyadh Warm Up Ties, Jerusalem Post, 25.4.2017

French presidential election’s impact could reach Israel

  • Interview with Tsilla Hershco, European Jewish Press, 21.4.2017