New Center Associates: Chorev, Hacohen, Lebel, Lerman and Mekel

By August 25, 2016

Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen, Brig. Gen. (res.) Moni Chorev, Col. (res.) Dr. Eran Lerman, Ambassador Arye Mekel, and Prof. Udi Lebel have joined the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies as research associates, over the past year.

Brig. Gen. (res.) Moni Chorev specializes in military and strategic doctrine, and evaluation of military performance. He is a former division commander, and commander of the IDF officer school.

Maj. Gen. (res.) Gershon Hacohen served in the IDF for 42 years, commanding troops in battle on the Egyptian and Syrian fronts. He was a corps commander, and commander of the IDF Military Colleges.

Prof. Udi Lebel specializes in civil-military relations, especially in the political psychology of bereavement, trauma and national memory, and in the sociology of security communities. He is an associate professor at Ariel University.

Col. (res.) Dr. Eran Lerman is former deputy for foreign policy and international affairs at the National Security Council in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. He held senior posts in IDF Military Intelligence for over 20 years. He also served as Israel director of the American Jewish Committee. He teaches at Shalem College in Jerusalem.

Ambassador Arye Mekel is a former Israeli ambassador in Greece, deputy ambassador to the UN, diplomatic advisor to Prime Minister Shamir, and consul general in New York. He specializes in Israel-U.S. relations, Israel-Greek relations, Israeli foreign policy and public diplomacy.