Nicolas Sarkozy

Netanyahu and Sarkozy: Personal Chemistry Versus Political Disagreements

| June 22, 2009

Netanyahu and Sarkozy resemble each other in their charismatic
leadership, their dynamic capitalist approach and their global view of
security threats. But they differ sharply on settlements, Jerusalem, and more.

Sarkozy in Syria: Discrepancies in French Mideast Policy

| September 10, 2008

Turbo-charged Sarkozian diplomacy has led France to seek to upgrade its status in the international arena and enhance its influence and presence in the Middle East. Deep skepticism is in order, especially with regard to the utility of Sarkozy’s courtship of Syria.

Sarkozy’s Presidency

| June 22, 2008

Has Sarkozy’s presidency ushered in a new era in Franco-Israeli relations? Despite the tightening of bilateral and strategic relations,
and the improvement of both ambiance and tone in the relationship, substantial political disagreements – regarding the PA, Syria, Lebanon and more – remain between Sarkozy’s France and Israel.

France, the European Union, and the Middle East in the Sarkozy Era

| February 27, 2008

Sarkozy’s policy represents traditional French aspirations to play a prominent role in the international arena in general and in the Middle East in particular, while adopting new energetic methods and activism adapted to Sarkozy’s style and worldwide vision. He aims to increase
France’s influence and promote French interests in the Middle East by strengthening the European Union’s global role.

The French Presidential Elections of May 2007: Implications for French-Israeli Relations

| May 14, 2007

The election this week of Nicolas Sarkozy as President of France is unlikely to lead to a substantial shift in French policy towards Israel, although the tone of French-Israeli relations can be expected to improve. Even the most favorable French administration will continue to take into account France’s traditional ties with the Arab world, France’s significant Muslim population, and public opinion in France – which is not at all favorable to Israel. It is equally possible that tightened French-US coordination regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict may lead to enhanced diplomatic pressure on Israel. However, in spite of political disagreements, the existing dialogue and gradual process of improving bilateral relations will most likely prevail.