Dr. Edy Cohen

Dr. Edy Cohen

Dr. Edy Cohen

(Ph.D. Bar-Ilan University) Specializes in inter-Arab relations, the Arab-Israeli conflict, terrorism, Jewish communities in the Arab world. Email: [email protected]

You Can’t Make Peace with Antisemites

| December 2, 2019

The time has come for Israel to stop willfully ignoring the phenomenon of Holocaust denial in the Arab world and start fighting it. Dialogue and rapprochement cannot possibly start from a position of antisemitism and Holocaust denial.


Lebanon Is On the Verge of Collapse

| November 18, 2019

Israel’s neighbor to the north is gripped by a popular uprising that many fear could lead to civil war.


The Crisis of Violence in Israeli Arab Society

| October 29, 2019

Arab politicians blame the Israeli establishment for the rampaging violence in Israeli Arab society, but ignore the underlying problems in their own sociopolitical culture that foster that violence.


The Plight of the LGBT Community in the Palestinian Authority and Muslim Countries

| September 19, 2019

The Palestinian Authority’s violent treatment of the gay community under its rule offers a gloomy reminder of this community’s difficult situation in most Muslim countries.


Jordan’s Double Game with Israel

| July 25, 2019

Despite 25 years of formal peace, many in Jordan regard Israel as an illicit enemy state. The Jordanian government plays a double game: its public hostility toward Israel enables it to preserve its popularity while, behind the scenes, it maintains close ties with Israel.


The 20th Century Pogroms Against the Jews of the Middle East: Will Christians Suffer the Same Fate?

| July 21, 2019

Against the backdrop of the persecution of Christians in the Middle East in general and in the Palestinian Authority-controlled territories in particular, it is worth recalling a saying that many Muslims have voiced down through the generations: “First we’ll take care of the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.”


The Persecution of Christians in the Palestinian Authority

| May 27, 2019

The ongoing international neglect of the plight of the Christians under PA rule could lead to the disappearance of Christianity in the place where it emerged.


A New Era in Israel-Gulf State Relations?

| April 22, 2019

Many in the Gulf are beginning to grasp that their support for the Palestinians is detrimental to their own interests. In addition to practical considerations, the fact that the Palestinians have grown closer to Iran has sparked ire in many Gulf states, which see the Islamist regime as an enemy and the Palestinians’ increasingly close ties with Tehran as a betrayal.


The Gaza Strip as an “International Quarantine Zone”

| February 8, 2019

The only solution to Gaza’s longstanding plight is for it to be designated an “International Quarantine Zone,” with Israel severing all ties to the Strip and the Egyptian border crossing in Rafah becoming the sole point of entry. Responsibility for Gaza will thus be transferred to the UN and the Arab League. They, via Egypt’s good offices and Arab oil funding, can then strive to ensure the economic wellbeing of the people of Gaza and pave the road for the return of the PA and the end of Hamas rule in the Strip.


The False Promise of Iraqi-Israeli Peace

| January 31, 2019

No one should be misled by the revelation that several Iraqi delegations visited Israel in 2018 into optimism about Iraqi-Israeli relations. Peace with Iraq remains very far away. Iraq is simply the next in line of Israel’s Arab neighbors who express interest in warming relations with the Jewish state when they are in distress, but have little to no intention of making peace a reality.