Prof. Hillel Frisch

Prof. Hillel Frisch

Prof. Hillel Frisch

(Ph.D. Hebrew University) Expert on Palestinian and Islamic politics, institutions and military strategies; Israeli Arabs; Islamic fundamentalism in the Middle East; Palestinian-Jordanian relations; and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Jordan. Email: [email protected]

Egypt’s Constitutional Crisis

| November 16, 2011

Who will shape Egypt’s constitution – the Islamists or the military-backed secularists? While the former seemingly holds the majority public vote, the latter holds the fire power, thus evening out the political battlefield.


The Need for Minds Over Hearts in the Egyptian Crisis

| February 3, 2011

Supporting Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman in the current crisis will prevent a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt and avoid a bloody and protracted Egyptian civil war marked by foreign intervention.


Obama Should Withdraw From Afghanistan, Not Iraq

| October 7, 2010

The US should withdraw its forces from Afghanistan because there are other states capable of shouldering the burden of stabilizing the country, and the threat to US security is no longer acute. Iraq, however, can be stabilized only by the US, and its long-term stability is a vital US interest with lasting and broad implications.


When the West Bankers Arrive in Washington…

| September 1, 2010

Mahmoud Abbas cannot yet afford to lose the Israeli army presence in the West Bank as the threat of a Hamas takeover there still looms. Thus the peace talks are a pretense.


Is Mahmoud Abbas Becoming Chairman Arafat?

| November 8, 2009

Recent signs of Abbas’ radicalization include indications of support for
violence against Israel. This suggests that Abbas may not have been, after all, the address for negotiation of a stable two-state solution.


The Fatah Conference: Finally an Abbas Victory

| August 25, 2009

Abbas finally appears to have gained some power in his party, Fatah. But due to persisting Palestinian internal divisions, he will still need the help of Israel and the US for controlling the West Bank.


Israel in 2009: A One-Block State of the Right

| February 12, 2009

The Israeli election result this week confirms the emergence of a one-block, right-of-center dominant political reality in Israel; a fact that is
likely to dominate for many years to come. Kadima’s electoral achievement is ephemeral.


Obama and the Muslim Cold War

| January 28, 2009

Throughout the Middle East, deep Muslim political divide could stymie
President Obama’s well-intentioned Mideast efforts. Mainstream Arab
countries, like Israel, seek US resolve in confronting the Iranian-led axis, not an “outstretched American hand” to the radical part of the Muslim world.


The Need for a Decisive Israeli Victory Over Hamas

| January 12, 2009

A decisive, concretely visible Israeli victory over Hamas – which means
pursuing the enemy into its hideouts in Gaza urban areas and refugee camps and bringing about its surrender – is critical to rolling back the march of Islamic fundamentalist political power in the Middle East.


Hamas: A Case of Strategic Suicide

| January 4, 2009

Hamas miscalculated its strength and support; erred in ending the six-month ceasefire with Israel; unwisely offended and threatened Egypt; and misread Israeli politics.