The Gulf War of 1991 Reconsidered

Gulf War

“The Gulf War of 1991 Reconsidered” subjects one of the formative events of the post-Cold War era and a watershed in Middle Eastern international politics to a comprehensive reassessment.

The unprecedented willingness of major Arab countries to see the United States intervene in the Middle East at the head of an international military coalition, and the subsequent spectacular military victory, which restored the rule of the Sabah family in Kuwait and re-energized the Arab-Israeli peace process, seemed to herald a new reality in the Middle East. The demonstration of the US military might raised certain expectations regarding American influence as the only superpower in the post-Cold War era in the Middle East and other arenas.

Since the US and its allies liberated Kuwait in what was by any measure a great military victory, the passing of time permits us to reconsider that victory – and the act of Iraqi aggression that made “Desert Storm” a necessity – in a broader historical context rather than simply a brief military conflict.

This work considers the momentous events from three points of view: Arab, Israeli and American.

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