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The Rise and Demise of the Two-State Paradigm

| January 1, 2009

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict over the Land of Israel has evolved over the past hundred years. Nowadays, most attempts to solve this conflict revolve around the two-state paradigm. However, a solution based on this paradigm is unlikely to emerge in the near future.

The Globalization of Terror Funding

| September 1, 2007

Islamic terrorism is financed by a global array of individuals, fronts, businesses, banks, criminal enterprises, nominally humanitarian organizations and states. Financial flows take a variety of routes – some complex, some simple, but all are evasive. The combined annual budget of Islamic terror groups between 1995-2005 hovers around the US $1 billion mark – the equivalent of $100 million per annum. This represents a substantial increase from estimates for the years 1984-1994 of US $80 million.