Yaakov Lappin

Yaakov Lappin

Yaakov Lappin

Yaakov Lappin is a Research Associate at the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies. He specializes in Israel's defense establishment, military affairs, and the Middle Eastern strategic environment. He is the author of the BESA study The Low-Profile War Between Israel and Hezbollah. Email: [email protected]

Iran Seeks to End Direct Clash with US and Return to Asymmetric Comfort Zone

| January 9, 2020

Tehran doesn’t want outright war. It is sticking to the long game in its goal of ejecting US forces from the region and completing its takeover of neighboring Iraq.


Palestinian Islamic Jihad Agitates for Violence in the Gaza Strip

| November 6, 2019

Israel seeks to prevent a powder keg from detonating on the southern border as it prioritizes the more threatening front up north.


The Upheaval in Syria Opens the Door for Iranian Attack

| November 4, 2019

The latest upheaval in northeastern Syria caused by Turkey’s invasion, and the division of the Syrian plunder among Turkey, the Assad regime, and Russia, presents Iran with new avenues for building up attack capabilities and further destabilizing the region.


Security Tasks Awaiting the Next Israeli PM

| November 3, 2019

The next Israeli government will have to make critical decisions on urgent security challenges stemming from multiple arenas simultaneously. It will also have to waste no time in securing the next defense budget.


Iran’s Radical Axis Is Intensifying Its Efforts to Build a War Machine Against Israel

| September 16, 2019

A shadow war raging between the Iranian-led radical Shiite axis and Israel has become public in recent weeks. This conflict is driven by Israel’s determination to prevent Iran from building attack capabilities in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq.


Israel’s Strategic Goal in Syria

| August 9, 2019

Israel’s shadow war in Syria is based on the strategic objective of convincing the Islamic Republic that its investment in a war machine is going to waste. Iran has so far chosen to weather the strikes and shift tactics without abandoning its Syria project.


The Prospect of an Iran-Israel Escalation

| June 2, 2019

The recent rise in military tensions in the Persian Gulf between the US and Iran introduces a heightened possibility that Iran will activate proxies against Israel. In the event of further escalation, Jerusalem must assume that Tehran’s plans will include possible proxy attacks on Israeli territory and overseas Israeli targets.


Egypt and Iran Vie for Influence in Gaza

| May 7, 2019

While Cairo is exerting its influence in Gaza to avoid a new conflict and mediate a period of calm, Iran sees Gaza as one more base from which to grow and control a proxy terrorist army.


Israel’s Information Campaigns: An Alternative to Kinetic Strikes

| April 17, 2019

In recent months, the Israeli defense establishment has made increasing use of “information campaigns,” or exposure through the media of enemy activity that has been detected by Israeli intelligence. This modus operandi has developed into an alternative to kinetic strikes.


Sanctions on the IRGC Will Be Judged by Results – and by Iran’s Reaction

| April 12, 2019

The Trump administration’s decision to designate Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist entity will ultimately be judged by how successful it is in changing Iran’s conduct.