Israel and Europe After Brussels: What Insights Can We Share?

| March 30, 2016

Israel, which unfortunately has had a great deal of experience with terrorist violence, has much to offer Europe in its own confrontation with Islamist terror. Once Europe has internalized the reality that it is fighting a war, Israel can advise it regarding strategies like effective intelligence collection, disruption of enemy money supply, and interference with enemy access to the internet.

The Locker Committee: A Preordained Failure

| October 14, 2015

The Locker Committee called in its July report for significant reforms in the IDF’s budget. The 77-page document was dead-on-arrival. External probes like the Locker Committee are a poor substitute for rigorous internal staff work and for tough governmental decision-making.

Israel’s Future Security עתיד ביטחון ישראל

| March 10, 2015

Conference video online – Israel’s Future Security. Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Israel’s Air and Missile Defense During the 2014 Gaza War

| February 11, 2015

The Israeli Air Defense Command deployed an efficient defense array against the rocket launchers in the last operation in the Gaza Strip. The operation also uncovered the gaps in the Israeli defense system that require corrective actions.

Why the Hezbollah Clash Matters

| February 1, 2015

As the Assad regime is losing its grip over the country, Iran and Hezbollah gain a greater ability to establish a new base of operations against Israel in southern Syria.

Gadi Eisenkot’s Challenges and Opportunities

| December 8, 2014

Unlike many previous chiefs-of-staff for Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF), whose appointments were shadowed by controversies, the nomination this past week of Maj. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot as the 21st commander of the IDF has been widely welcomed.

Fight Not the Last War

| October 20, 2014

The IDF must be careful not to make too many operational changes based on the lessons of Operation Protective Edge

We Have to be Prepared

| September 15, 2014

The rules of the game between Israel and Hamas will be decided by Israel’s response to the first instance of rocket fire.

Understanding the Gaza War: Strategic and Political Implications

| September 9, 2014

Watch Prof. Efraim Inbar deliver a lecture to the Greenwich Jewish Federation on the strategic and political implications of the war in Gaza

Misplaced Frustration

| September 3, 2014

Frustration over the final outcome of Operation Protective Edge is misplaced. The Israeli public needs to understand that Israel did not set out to topple Hamas.