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Perspectives Papers provide analysis from BESA Center research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

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Egypt’s Constitutional Crisis

No. 155
| November 16, 2011

Who will shape Egypt’s constitution – the Islamists or the military-backed secularists? While the former seemingly holds the majority public vote, the latter holds the fire power, thus evening out the political battlefield.

Following the IAEA Report: Time to Hit Iran

No. 154
| November 10, 2011

A US strike on Iranian nuclear infrastructure is not only necessary, it is also the only course of action that can prevent the impending American retreat from Iraq and Afghanistan from signaling the denouement of US clout in the Middle East.

Saudi Succession and Stability

No. 153
| November 1, 2011

The process of balancing and satisfying Saudi royal factions depends on patience and conservatism within royal circles. It also requires quiet in the streets of Riyadh and Jedda. Thus far, there are no signs of the so-called “Arab Spring” spreading to Saudi Arabia.

Why the Schalit Decision Makes Military Sense

No. 152
| October 27, 2011

The Schalit prisoner exchange was a rational and sensible recognition of the need to reaffirm society’s commitment to the welfare of its soldiers. The obligation of the state is even more pronounced in Israel’s case, as the IDF is a conscript army, in which far from all draft-age youngsters in fact serve.

Iron Dome in Action: A Preliminary Evaluation

No. 151
| October 24, 2011

The Iron Dome missile defense system has succeeded in saving lives and reducing damages, thus providing more flexibility to the political leadership for containing the fighting with the Hamas government in Gaza.

מערכת ההגנה האקטיבית כיפת ברזל בפעולה: הערכה ראשונית

No. 151
| October 24, 2011

מערכת ההגנה האקטיבית נגד רקטות “כיפת ברזל” הופעלה לראשונה באפריל 2011 בהצלחה טכנית ברורה. רק לאחר ההצלחה הראשונה של “כיפת ברזל” החלו בכירי מערכת הביטחון לחשוף את המניעים הבסיסיים, את התכליות האסטרטגיות ואת מגבלות המערכת

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Women’s Suffrage in Saudi Arabia

No. 150
| October 9, 2011

King Abdullah says that women will be appointed to the Consultative Council and be allowed to vote and run for municipal councils. Is this a significant advancement for Saudi women’s rights, or just another instance of the kingdom’s “two steps forward, one step back” reform policy?

Needed: A Leader in the White House

No. 149
| September 13, 2011

The lack of leadership and clear policy principles evinced by the Obama White House have severely weakened America’s position in the Middle East, leaving a void to be filled by hostile regional powers such as Iran.

After September Comes October

No. 148
| August 23, 2011

The UN is not going to bring the Palestinians closer to the establishment of a state. It is a morally bankrupt institution, totally ineffective in curing the dysfunctional Palestinian national movement.

Empty Words: Saudi Blustering

No. 147
| July 17, 2011

The Saudis are all bark and no bite. Despite occasional public “outrage” from Saudi officials about US policy regarding the Arab unrest, Israel, Iraq, Iran, or Afghanistan, Riyadh and Washington are still very distant from the parting of ways threatened by some Saudi officials.