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Perspectives Papers provide analysis from BESA Center research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

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Strategic Folly in the Framework Agreement with Iran

No. 296

The U.S. is capable of bringing Iran’s nuclear program to a halt – it simply is choosing not to do so.

Israel Joins New Asia Bank Opposed by US

No. 295
| April 16, 2015

The Israeli government’s decision to apply to the AIIB, is an expression of Israel’s strong interest in increasing its economic engagement in Asia.

The Middle East Turmoil and Israel’s Security

No. 294
| April 13, 2015

Despite an increasingly complex security environment in the region, there is still only one potential ‘game changer’ in the Middle East’s balance of power – the nuclearization of Iran.

There is No Better Deal with Iran

No. 293
| April 8, 2015

The steps suggested by Israel and other critics to improve the efficacy of the nuclear deal with Iran will have little effect. The deal is basically dangerous in nature, and needs to be rejected outright.

Resetting the Mideast Peace Process

No. 292
| March 22, 2015

Netanyahu should capitalize on his sweeping victory to reset the diplomatic table by outlining a pragmatic process that Israel can participate in, and to draw clear Israeli red lines as to acceptable contours of a solution

Security Challenges of the New Israeli Government

No. 291
| March 19, 2015

The new Likud-led government will be faced with a range of sharp security challenges.

A Problem of Nuclear Proportions

No. 290

The proposed agreement with Iran is very bad. Even without using nuclear arms against Israel, a nuclear Iran will make the Middle East far more dangerous.

The Struggle over the Iranian Nuclear Program

No. 289

It is incumbent on Israel to use all the diplomatic and political tools at its disposal to halt the signing of an accord with Iran that leaves Teheran with the capability to produce nuclear weapons.

Obama’s Iran Policy and Israel’s Elections

No. 288
| February 16, 2015

Obama does not want Netanyahu in Washington because he considers him a spoiler of his most important foreign policy initiative – an agreement with Iran. He’d like to oust him from Jerusalem as well.

While The Jihadists Make Headlines, Fundamentalist Iran is Making Major Gains

No. 287
| February 5, 2015

The United States’ policy in response to both Iran and the Islamic state is confusing and contradictory. Washington must reexamine the Iranian threat by confronting it, rather than appeasing its leaders.