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Perspectives Papers provide analysis from BESA Center research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

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Islamic Imperialism: The Ongoing Tragedy of the Middle East

No. 97
| November 25, 2009

The US is losing its dominance in the Middle East and is gradually being replaced by Iran. The Western world is in urgent need of a leader who will powerfully defend Western values against the growing influence of radical Islam.

J Street Expands the Pro-Israel Tent

No. 96
| November 11, 2009

By enlarging the pro-Israel tent, allowing more American Jews to identify themselves as being pro-Israel without having to be knee-jerk
supporters of Israeli governments, J Street has already made a vital
contribution to the American Jewish community.

Is Mahmoud Abbas Becoming Chairman Arafat?

No. 95
| November 8, 2009

Recent signs of Abbas’ radicalization include indications of support for
violence against Israel. This suggests that Abbas may not have been, after all, the address for negotiation of a stable two-state solution.

J Street’s Spiritual Conceit

No. 94
| October 25, 2009

The pious Jewish identity spiritual claptrap that characterized J Street’s
conference in Washington is a cover for an agenda that involves besmirching the mainstream Jewish community and engendering a distancing in US-Israel relations.

Mitchell’s Mission Impossible

No. 93
| October 22, 2009

Mitchell, and with him a large part of the international community, fail to
understand that the ethnic conflict being waged in the Holy Land will end only when the parties tire. So far, Israelis and Palestinians still have energy to fight for what is important to them.

An Open Letter to My Turkish Friends

No. 92
| October 11, 2009

It is time to consider the possible “loss” of Turkey to Islamism. This
would be first and foremost a tragedy for Turkey, and a significant blow to Israel and the Western alliance.

Obama and the Middle East

No. 91
| September 24, 2009

Obama’s ambitious Mideast agenda has so far produced meager results. Many regional players are primarily concerned about Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons, and are not easily amenable to American overtures.

The Fatah Conference: Finally an Abbas Victory

No. 90
| August 25, 2009

Abbas finally appears to have gained some power in his party, Fatah. But due to persisting Palestinian internal divisions, he will still need the help of Israel and the US for controlling the West Bank.

Apprehensive Allies: India and Israel in the Obama Era

No. 89
| August 10, 2009

India and Israel are both suffering from a bout of “Bush Blues” since Obama took office. The issues in contention range from strategic concerns like Pakistan and Iran, to nuclear nonproliferation and economic factors like outsourcing of jobs.

Mideast “Experts” Got Iraq Wrong

No. 88
| August 4, 2009

Almost all the doom and gloom scenarios for Iraq predicted by the so-called Mideast experts have failed to materialize, and Iraqis already
have accomplished what was thought impossible: a consensual federal constitution and government.