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Perspectives Papers provide analysis from BESA Center research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

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Why Time Is on Israel’s Side: A Long-Term Perspective on Israel’s Security Challenges

No. 64
| February 3, 2009

Despite the current Palestinian, Arab and Iranian threats, Israel’s generational prospects for peace and security as a Jewish and democratic country are quite good; assuming that America will act to roll-back the Islamic jihadist threat to Israel and the West over the next decade.

No to the Reconstruction of Gaza

No. 63
| February 2, 2009

The developing international campaign to reconstruct Gaza is strategic folly; is unlikely to be effective; and, under current circumstances, in which Hamas inevitably will benefit from the global largess, is also immoral.

Obama and the Muslim Cold War

No. 62
| January 28, 2009

Throughout the Middle East, deep Muslim political divide could stymie
President Obama’s well-intentioned Mideast efforts. Mainstream Arab
countries, like Israel, seek US resolve in confronting the Iranian-led axis, not an “outstretched American hand” to the radical part of the Muslim world.

The Domestic Dimension of Operation Cast Lead in Israel and in Gaza

No. 61
| January 26, 2009

The impending Israeli elections played a role in the decision to go on the offensive against Hamas; and this partially explains why the Israeli media was supportive of the war. For its part, Hamas completely misread the Israeli political mindset.

Egypt Is Not Going to Stop the Smuggling into Gaza

No. 60

Egypt does not mind if Hamas bleeds Israel a little; it gains domestically by indirectly aiding Hamas; gains internationally by playing a mediating role (in a conflict which it helps maintain on a “low flame”); and is incapable of stopping the Sinai Bedouins who smuggle weapons into Gaza.

Europe May Yet Long For George W. Bush

No. 59
| January 18, 2009

Hatred of, and disdain for, George W. Bush was the European excuse
for refusing American requests for diplomatic and military cooperation.
How will Europe, which is in love with Obama, now justify saying no?

מבצע עופרת יצוקה בראי אתרי החמאס

No. 58
| January 15, 2009

מבצע “עופרת יצוקה” מאפשר לבחון את יחסו של החמאס לישראל ולזירות השונות ומעניק לחמאס הזדמנות תעמולתית להציג עצמו בעמדת המיעוט המתגונן לא רק למול ישראל, אלא גם מול הזירה הפלסטינית והערבית, ובמקביל לפעול למען ערעור הלגיטימיות השלטונית של הרשות הפלסטינית ושל העומד בראשה על-ידי הצגתם כמשתפי פעולה עם ישראל, וכבעלי אינטרס בקיומו של המבצע על מנת שיוכלו לרשת את שלטון החמאס לכשייפול. מנגד משתמש החמאס באירוע להדגשת היותו חלופה אותנטית לשלטון הרשות שהזניח את הפלסטינים, תוך קריאה לתושבי הגדה לפתוח באינתיפאדה שלישית כנקמה על מבצע צה”ל ברצועה.

The Need for a Decisive Israeli Victory Over Hamas

No. 57
| January 12, 2009

A decisive, concretely visible Israeli victory over Hamas – which means
pursuing the enemy into its hideouts in Gaza urban areas and refugee camps and bringing about its surrender – is critical to rolling back the march of Islamic fundamentalist political power in the Middle East.

Why Israel Must Have Victory in Gaza

No. 56
| January 4, 2009

Israel cannot achieve total military victory against Hamas, but there are many kinds of victories it can achieve before the Palestinians change enough to make peace possible.

Hamas: A Case of Strategic Suicide

No. 55
| January 4, 2009

Hamas miscalculated its strength and support; erred in ending the six-month ceasefire with Israel; unwisely offended and threatened Egypt; and misread Israeli politics.