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Perspectives Papers provide analysis from BESA Center research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

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Is Turkey Getting Dragged Into War With Syria?

No. 170
| April 18, 2012

As the turmoil in Syria continues and the security environment of Turkey worsens, two factors might lead to unilateral Turkish military intervention in Syria: a refugee crisis that forces Ankara to establish a buffer zone within Syrian territory, or defensive military measures needed to stop PKK terrorism.

After Toulouse: Combatting Anti-Semitism in France

No. 169
| April 4, 2012

France’s formal, coercive, educational, and correctional measures against anti-Semitism should not be underestimated, and have largely borne fruit. Yet the country’s unbalanced approach to the Arab-Israeli conflict has created an altogether too comfortable environment for the resurgence of anti-Semitic violence in France.

India Defies Oil Sanctions on Iran

No. 168
| March 19, 2012

American inability to provide effective leadership in the Middle East has resulted in India’s readiness to defy the oil sanctions against Iran. India seeks to assert an independent foreign policy.

The Opportunity in Gaza

No. 167
and | March 15, 2012

Israel has to respond to the attacks from Gaza with a large-scale military operation. If no such action is taken, the attacks against Israel will surely increase.

Stopping Iran: Still Too Much Noise and Too Little Action

No. 166
| February 21, 2012

Mixed messages are continuously being broadcast and international
powers remain disunited on how to halt Iran’s nuclear program. It is unsurprising then that all of this “talk” has led to no action.

The Republican Primaries and the Israel Acid Test

No. 165
| February 15, 2012

Support for Israel in the strategic sphere has become an acid test of presidential credibility on national security.

Strategic and Economic Roles of Defense Industries in Israel

No. 164
| February 13, 2012

The Israeli defense industry is largely focused on arms exports to the global market, with insufficient attention paid to the IDF’s military technology and equipment needs.

Might the Turkish Military Intervene in Syria?

No. 163
| February 8, 2012

With Russia and China vetoing a UNSC resolution seeking an end to the violent repression in Syria, there are almost no options left for a negotiated end to the crisis. This may bring Turkey to consider military intervention in Syria.

The Amman Talks: Another Exercise in Futile Diplomacy

No. 162
| February 1, 2012

The recent Israeli-Palestinian “pre-negotiations” in Amman mark another ineffectual endeavor to bridge the wide gap between the two sides.

Missile Warfare: A Realistic Assessment

No. 161
| January 25, 2012

The threat to Israel of missile warfare is somewhat exaggerated and public discourse on this issue should reflect realistic assessments. Missile attacks would be able to inflict only limited physical damage on Israel.