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Perspectives Papers provide analysis from BESA Center research associates and other outside experts on the most important issues pertaining to Israel and the Middle East.

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A Gaza Ceasefire Now Would Be a Strategic Miss

No. 254
| July 15, 2014

Israel didn’t effect a significant change in the security balance versus Hamas in the Gaza Strip. A draw with the Hamas is strategically unsatisfactory.

Hit Hamas Hard to Create a Different Strategic Balance Against Islamic Terrorism

No. 253
| July 9, 2014

It is time for a full-scale offensive against Hamas and the other Islamist-Jihadist groups in Gaza.

Has Syria’s Chemical Weapons Arsenal Truly Been Dismantled?

No. 252

June 30 marks the due date for the complete disarmament of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal. Although Assad may have relinquished the majority of his chemical weapons stockpile, the regime most probably possesses additional ‘undeclared’ facilities.

The Flimsy Palestinian “Unity” Government

No. 251
| June 26, 2014

The Hamas-Fatah agreement is just another example of false unity in the Arab world and is already unraveling.

Dangerous and False Palestinian “Unity”

No. 250
| June 5, 2014

As long as the military branch of Hamas remains independent, there is no Palestinian ‘unity’ and certainly no possibility of peace with Israel.

Living with Iran: Israel’s Strategic Imperative

No. 249
| May 20, 2014

Iran must never be allowed to believe that Israel’s strategic forces are somehow too vulnerable to first-strike attack, or too destructive for operational military use.

China is the Likely Winner in Ukraine

No. 248
| May 19, 2014

After decades of negotiations between Moscow and Beijing for a long term natural gas mega-contract, it seems that Russia has finally relented to China’s terms.

Doing Almost Nothing is a Good Option

No. 247
| May 15, 2014

Following the failure of Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, ‘doing nothing’ and managing the conflict is Israel’s most sensible approach to the situation

Running Away from Statehood, Again

No. 246
| April 28, 2014

The Palestinian Authorities’ decision to strike an agreement with Hamas is proof of the Palestinian leadership’s continual rejection of both peace and independent statehood.

Israel Cannot Accept the Emerging Accord between the US and Iran

No. 245

An agreement that would allow Iran to maintain a full nuclear fuel cycle would be far worse than no agreement, and could force Israel to respond independently